Make it safe with the latest technology.

Discover the benefits of replacing your discontinued SIMPLEX fire panel.

To help ensure continuous and reliable operation of your fire and life-safety system, our Make It Safe program will help you easily and affordably upgrade to the latest SIMPLEX fire panel. Download the infographics and read the FAQ below to learn more.

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Why Should You Upgrade?

Learn the five most compelling reasons to replace your discontinued fire panel, including:

  • Continuous operation of your fire and life-safety systems
  • Access to new innovations
  • Maximize safety and more
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Why Upgrade with Tyco SimplexGrinnell?

You have many options to replace your old fire panel. See five important benefits of choosing our Make It Safe program for your upgrade, including:

  • Affordable, customized financing
  • Forward/backward compatibility
  • A trusted partner for fire, security, HVAC and more
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Why Upgrade Today?

Proactively replacing your discontinued fire panel now instead of waiting for it to fail offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Uninterrupted fire alarm system performance for improved safety
  • The convenience of installing on your own schedule
  • Avoidance of potential revenue loss due to downtime
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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a lot of questions about your SIMPLEX fire panel. We have a lot of answers. Learn more about your upgrade options and our Make It Safe program.


Why am I being notified about having a discontinued SIMPLEX fire alarm panel?

Due the advanced age of your panel, we are not able to source many key replacement parts to help ensure that it continues to operate reliably, which could impact your safety. Our Make It Safe program was created to offer easy and affordable upgrades that fit within your budget and schedule.

Is my fire alarm system still compliant?

We are letting you know that you have an older fire alarm panel and that we may not be able to get replacement parts for it. You are responsible for seeing that the system operates properly, is properly maintained and meets applicable compliance requirements. It’s always a good practice to confirm that with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Is my facility adequately protected?

With respect to fire protection for your facility, you should make sure your system is functioning properly and has been properly maintained and inspected. Should the panel begin to fail, we may not be able to obtain any necessary replacement parts. In that case, you could face downtime and lost productivity. If the panel fails altogether, you could be responsible for setting up a 24-hour in-person fire watch to monitor the building until the panel can be replaced.

Why should I spend money on an upgrade if my system is still working?

Upgrading now through the Make It Safe program lets you take advantage of customized and affordable financing offers. You’ll also receive a warranty that provides specified coverage on equipment, software and repairs. Proactively upgrading before your panel fails can save you money in the long run.

What happens if I don’t upgrade and I need a replacement part?

This is the scenario that we are hoping to avoid. If a replacement part is not available, you will have a non-functioning fire alarm system, which may involve:

  • A potentially costly emergency panel replacement due to rush service and the expense of in-person fire watch to monitor the system
  • Interruption of business operations and inconvenience for employees and/or customers

Will new technologies be available through an upgrade?

Yes, a panel upgrade gives you access to our latest advancements, such as addressable notification devices with self-testing capabilities, electronic testing and inspections, easier reporting and compliance, and more.

What are the benefits of these new technologies?

In addition to allowing you the opportunity to save time, costs and labor, these advanced technologies can also make your property safer and easier to manage.

Can I be removed from future mailings?

Yes, please submit your request here to be removed from our mailing list.

I don’t have the panel that you contacted me about. Can you update your records?

Yes—if possible, please email us at with the make/model of your current panel.

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